Justin Solaiman

Writer, Director, Producer, Composer.

Hi, I'm Justin Solaiman

I'm an aspiring film-maker/writer, a long time music enthusiast, and ex-music producer. I'd like to think I'm a pretty creative person. I spend my time thinking about all sorts of things probably to a fault. Philosophy is my favorite subject of study and I'm always trying to learn something new. I think I want to make films so I'm working towards that goal. I hope to contribute an, if not original, distinct filmography that pushes interesting ideas and unexplored imagery to the world of movies and entertainment.

I hope you will take a look around and enjoy my created works.

You can contact me at coldsilverfilms@gmail.com for any business inquiries or if you have any comments/questions.

Work In Progress

Nothing here yet, check back soon.

Pardon My Dust

Contact Me

Feel free to email me at coldsilverfilms@gmail.com for business inquiries or to just say hello!